Given recent rapidly evolving global changes due to COVID-19, we are postponing the delivery of the 2020 CSCN EMG exams until 2021.  We plan to offer one examination in 2021 for all candidates who have applied this year, as well as those applying next year.  Given the logistics associated with doubling the number of candidates, this will likely be a 2 day examination.  We all hope that at that time, the Canadian pandemic will be resolved.

All of us continue to be in the midst of tremendous change, as the directives of the World Health Organization and Public Health Agency of Canada evolve.  We sympathize with the stress you may be feeling.  Your health and the health of the community remains our top priority as we make this change. 

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The Purpose of CSCN Exams in EEG and EMG is to assure and maintain a high standard of competence in clinical electroencephalography and electromyography across Canada. More information is available on the CSCN Society website.