Candidates must meet all the eligibility requirements for the year in which the examination is taken.

Acceptance is on a first come first served basis and should the exam reach the maximum number of applicants then no further candidates will be accepted. Only three attempts at the exam will be allowed.



Candidates must submit a signed Confirmation of EMG Training Page 2 of the CSCN Examination Application no later than .
*Participation in the EMG Examination is contingent upon receipt of this signed document.

Specialty Certification Requirements

Candidates must have an FRCPC or equivalent certificate from the USA (or be senior residents in the 4th or 5th year of an approved training program leading to certification) in:

  • Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation or Neurology (adult or pediatric)

Candidates from overseas may be excused the certification requirement above if they are currently eligible to practice as a specialist in Canada in PM&R or Neurology, or if they are current fellows in a neuromuscular fellowship program in Canada.

Training Requirements

Before applying to write the CSCN certifying examination, the trainee must have....

  1. A minimum of 6 months training, where...
    • at least 3 months training was received within the last 5 years*,
    • the training consisted of either:
      1. One 3-month period of continuous full-time training, or
      2. Three 2-month periods of continuous full-time training.
  2. A minimum of 400 studies (where at least 150 are of moderate to high complexity) covering a full range of neuromuscular diseases performed during training.
  3. A supervising physician who is a current member of the CSCN or the ABEM.
  4. A well-maintained a study log, documenting their diagnosis's (including their complexity) and with confirmed by the supervising physician.
* If training took place more than 5 years ago, no fewer than 200 examinations must have been performed each year since training was completed.

Other Requirements

Candidates must have had no more than 2 unsuccessful attempts at the exam. After the 3rd unseccessful attempt, the candidate will be disqualified from all future applications, and no longer eligible to apply for this exam.