Update on the coronavirus outbreak and impact to EMG Exams

Updated May 20, 2020

Evolving clinical conditions now require a further postponement of exams.
Given recent rapidly evolving global changes due to COVID-19, we are postponing the delivery of the 2020 CSCN EMG exams until 2021. We plan to offer one examination in 2021 for all candidates who have applied this year, as well as those applying next year. Given the logistics associated with doubling the number of candidates, this will likely be a 2 day examination. We all hope that at that time, the Canadian pandemic will be resolved.

All of us continue to be in the midst of tremendous change, as the directives of the World Health Organization and Public Health Agency of Canada evolve. We sympathize with the stress you may be feeling. Your health and the health of the community remains our top priority as we make this change.

Most provinces permit one to perform EMG without CSCN certification; thus there is no provisional licensing required. 

There are 2 exceptions to this practice.

  1. In Alberta, one is required to pass the CSCN examination in electromyography or an equivalent certification examination in another country acceptable to Council within two years of completion of the above training.  Thus no provisional licensing is required at this time for Alberta if training was recently completed.
  2. In British Columbia, CSCN examination is typically required for EMG practice.  We have written to the CPSBC and the Diagnostic Accreditation Board seeking provisional licensing.  They have indicated the CPSBC will provide provisional credentialing to qualified applicants this year and the exam will have to be completed in 2021. Applicants will have to provide proof of training and a letter from their program director outlining competency and provide proof of successful completion of the exam next year.  The CPSBC only reviews applications for credentials for physicians who do not work in a Health Authority. For physicians working in a Health Authority, credentialing is done through the medical affairs office.

Examination Fees
We present two options – please confirm here if you require deferral or refund using this online form: https://ca.surveygizmo.com/s3/50071802/EMG-Examination-Application-Refunds.

  • Defer the fees to 2021
  • Refund in full

Application Process for 2021
If you’ve already met your eligibility requirements, there is no requirement for you to reapply for the 2021 examinations. Unless you have yet to submit your completion of training document, your application is considered approved and will be moved forward in entirety to 2021. However should you request a refund now, payment must be re-made before February 15, 2021. We will process your payment again, using the same form that we have on file. Examination fees will remain the same for those of you who are deferring.

Let us know by 15 April 2020, if you plan to withdraw your participation in the 2020 Exams (held in 2021) so that we can free up those seats for those currently on the waitlist for 2020. There are three individuals hoping to participate and numbers are strictly capped at 42.

Looking to learn more about this virus?

For more information and updates on the coronavirus outbreak, the following resources are available: